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Your Virtual File Cabinet
With the EBAS® system, we can create a document library with custom folders and include company documents for employees to access any time.   From benefit presentations to plan SPDs to W4s, you’ll have it all covered.  You will love how this makes communication more efficient and reduces paper shuffle.

A Proven Track Record

Through years of experience, this service model has been tried and true and is packed with eligibility management, billing, and data verification services, as well as essential services that directly impact your employees.

Minimize your Paperwork!
With EBAS®, our Electronic Benefits Administration System, you can get rid of  the

mountains of paperwork that you compile for your benefits administration.  

This online system provides a paperless solution for benefits administration.  

It is composed of easy to use modules that simplify all aspects of benefits

management and provides a major improvement over paper-based administration.
This simple solution for benefits & HR...  

  • Easily manage employee benefits, onboarding and compliance in                                                                                                                                    one central location!
  • Eliminate your need to input data…period! 
  • Your new hires can log in and complete their W4s & I9s themselves. 
  • This information is automatically integrated into your benefits platform.  
  • As your employees enroll in benefits, their elections and waivers are 

           recorded and documented as their permanent record.  

  • Benefit elections are finalized with the employee’s signature, either

           electronic or digital, that is also time & date-stamped.

  • Any future changes in address, benefits, salary, etc. are added to each

           employee’s historical record. 

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